Friday, May 20, 2005

warming up in bangalore

people keep asking me 'how do you like bangalore?' and i always reply with a saccharanine smile 'i LIKE bangalore', like i'm trying to make a really emphatic point. which by the way is true. but as a resident in the city for the first time, i see how different the place is compared to home. which, of course, is good ol' oh-it's-so-hot chennai. difference number one, which no one would dare dispute, is that chennai is warmer. and i don't just mean the weather. (and speaking of weather, hey bangaloreans, ever heard of an AC?)
but really, when ur staying at ur sister's place for a coupla weeks, and the only work u have is sleeping (apart from drinking) life in bangalore is extremely enjoyable. when the only ppl u meet are her really nice friends, (who unfortunately treat u like a sister as well) and bartenders, life in bangalore is chilled out. when the food u eat is always cooked by someone else, the food is delicious. when u travel everywhere sitting pillion, bangalore is a cozy and really rosy city. well, i suppose by now u've guessed that things r not quite the same. and of course, there's now one more person to take care of (which actually is the saving grace). there's of course the endless hailing of autos ; 'bemmel?' whoosh!!!! the auto's disappeared at the speed of light. AND there's WORK!! and no, the workplace is nothing like it is in chennai. where everyone's ready to take u in their folds and welcome u with lunches, dinners, drinks and after-drink drinks for at least a month after u've joined, even if it's just curiosity to discover the new animal in the agency. well, maybe, bangalore just takes more time to thaw i suppose. anyway, since the sole virtue i possess is resilience, i'm beginning to warm up to it. so whether u like it or not, bangalore, here i come!!!!!