Thursday, August 26, 2004

enter meme

why am i blogging? (phew! questions are the easiest way to start communicating). just trying to figure out why a lazy blob like me who couldn't keep a diary for more than 2 days should start blogging. maybe it's the same reason i stopped writing letters and started mailing. just easier to be in front of the monitor (wonder why that's so easy considering it's called a 'monitor') rather than a blank page. is there something about a blank page that is intimidating? or rather a sense of awe, being a writer. a compulsion to not write rubbish. well... these are what i call professional hazards.
ok, that was a (no i'm not using any adjectives here) start.
back to the topic. blogging. it's a boon, though not in disguise to writers and aspiring writers to be seen. call it exhibitionist if u will. but then, we have enough voyeurs amongst us, don't we?


Blogger Shampoo Factor said...

And i thought you said this will be stupid. Its a couple of hundred miles away from that! Great start...
And now get down to it, and write that thing about capitals.:)

2:15 AM  

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