Thursday, July 14, 2005

me, the famous

i know the feeling only too well when you know you need to talk, but don't know what to talk about. for instance, at meetings (hope my boss isn't readin this), at family get togethers with people who in no way feel like family, and yes, at parties. quite a pity that is, considering i'm supposed to be creative and a writer at that. and writers in general are supposed to do more talking than writing. and often through their hats. party hats or whatever. but me, no, i'm not that creative i suppose. but glad i'm not. if what that means is making up stuff, (read gossip) about strangers for the entertainment of people you want to impress. or depress, as in some cases. really. i'm seriously not making this up. i wish i were. for my own sake. becuse it's no fun being the topic of imaginative conversation between two people you wouldn't think about twice in your life. obviously, that feeling is not mutual.
yes, some part of me feels important that people should pick me over all the other people in the world to make up stories about. and some part of me feels proud be associated with the wild personality people have created for me. i mean, would u rather be seen as sushma swaraj or madonna? if you picked the former, you have a problem (and i promise to talk about that at the next party with complete strangers).
but really, who enjoys being gossiped about? (ok, britney, you can put ur hand down) i know i didn't enjoy it, and god help the next person who does that to me again. actually that might not happen. 'cause he didn't help the previous one:)