Monday, December 30, 2013


I want the blood to pump in my ears. 
My heart to jump out of my skin 
First thing every morning 
My feet to tap tap tap 
Till all my shoes wear out 
The rich brown wooden floor to welcome me 
On my 70th push up
Want the wind to push me back when I sprint uphill 
Feel my stomach growl with hunger 
Double up in excitement 
Do a somersault for no reason 
Feel my skin tingle in the warmth of the sun
I want to drown in beauty and wonder and awe 
Every second of every day 
Feel the animal in me arise 
Every moment that I am alive


Blogger mann said...

Hi Kalpana.. loved your poem. Its beautiful.. I have also read some of your articles.. i love the placidness of your writing.. all the best :)

10:22 AM  

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