Sunday, November 07, 2004

pandora's box in the head

i write again. after a long hiatus. not because ravages asked me to. not because i'm supposed to be a writer. but this time to keep my sanity. let's just say that the events over the last week or so, have opened a box, much like pandora's, in my head. the problem right now is whether to face those demons and fight them out. or just put them back into the box and let them suffer a dark and unfulfilled death.
but what is, for sure, is that things have changed. and like all changes it can only be for the better (thank god for not turning me cynical as yet). there's a definite ray of light streaming in. revealing things, people, emotions, virtues, vices. some ugly, some too beautiful. both of which i would've been content to not see. but then life goes on. and u have to see what u have to see (is what i've always believed in). but now i'm wondering if i should turn a blind eye to all? will things just disappear if i refuse to acknowledge them? is escapism good for the soul? maybe... maybe...


Blogger NomadYesmad said...

hmm... Interesting:) Turning a blind eye to all? Is that possible, I wonder! But then if we are tuned to what goes on inside our own heads, then maybe it is possible!

8:55 PM  

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