Monday, December 06, 2004


sometimes its words that cause the stir
sometimes action ruffles the fur
what do you do when there is two
to make tumult and daze come true

a little strawberry and lotsa wine
little sobriety, pain and time
make way for the invisible seed
to grow into an immortal weed

is it change or the thought of it
that recreates the tremor within
it's just one of those harmless quakes
that come and go without a trace

a little death a little theft
together fulfill and leave bereft
what a million words can try create
a moment's lapse can well negate

the word is strong the moment gone
there is no question right or wrong
there's only body, mind and soul
to join the pieces of the whole


Blogger NomadYesmad said...

Calm becomes storm
when words come out wrong
thoughts and words, measured and spelt
out come poems that are felt!

1:56 AM  

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