Monday, November 29, 2004

rest awhile

put your restless legs to rest
this is the tide at its best
it comes it goes it comes it goes
when you let it come, you must let it go

the truth will haunt and make you scream
but not if you accept it's real
there are no questions left to ask
when you know, ahead, there is no task

keep running until dead you drop
but before the shot, a moment stop
to question why you're running blind
and if you can leave yourself behind

for good or bad

is this some threesome or what
where the angel finds the devil too hot
and god takes offense too fast
on the tough member of the cast

find it fast, that thing you lost
somewhere in the depths of the past
when the twain split for good
and left a shard that stood

the one with both good and evil
working on every whim and will
where being good is a struggle
and being bad is clearly trouble

angel, you may choose to call it
by name, if only you see it fit
but what it is the two must see
a part of both she must be

Saturday, November 27, 2004


Would you believe if I told you that I could fly? Would believe if I told you that I’m actually a witch in disguise? (OK, don’t answer that)
What I’m trying to get at is that when we’re too grown up to believe in Santa Clause, why do we believe in other myths? Like love at first sight. Like soul mates. Like eternal bliss. Like god. Like One Love. Like platonic love. Do we really believe that someone can love us if they looked into our eyes and saw the ugly thoughts we’re thinking? Who’re we kidding? Sure all of us know that there is no truth in the perfect relationship, the perfect job, the perfect whatever. In fact, we all know that the word perfect is just that. A word. It exists nowhere else. It’s a myth we want to believe in. A myth that is propagated with great enthusiasm by TV, books, movies. A myth all of us lap up like it’s going out of fashion. How many of us grew up reading Mills and Boons (yes u 'guys', u too) imagining that one day a dark knight will sweep us off our feet and send shivers down our spines with one touch? (Sure it has happened to all of us. Only the shivers are out of fright) Now go ahead and tell me that this has really happened to you and I will believe you. I would also urge to start living outside your dreams.

Though, on second thoughts, the world of dreams is a much better place to live in that the cold, harsh drudgery called reality, that’s really an excuse for a life.
There I go again. Surprising myself unexpectedly. (Aren’t all surprises unexpected?) Anyway, I just figured that I can’t figure out myself. While I started out wanting to break myths, here I am propagating them.
Scary food for thought No.1. Imagine if I were ever sent on a peace commission to an enemy country. (If the shivers haven’t started already, you better start worrying)

ode to the devil

The devil looks good
And hums his trance
He masks his sin
In bizarre romance

The blow he sheaths
Underneath the words
Makes pain surface
Though sweet, it hurts

There’s more to the man
Than the devil outside
But is the man as good
I don't want to find.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

pandora's box in the head

i write again. after a long hiatus. not because ravages asked me to. not because i'm supposed to be a writer. but this time to keep my sanity. let's just say that the events over the last week or so, have opened a box, much like pandora's, in my head. the problem right now is whether to face those demons and fight them out. or just put them back into the box and let them suffer a dark and unfulfilled death.
but what is, for sure, is that things have changed. and like all changes it can only be for the better (thank god for not turning me cynical as yet). there's a definite ray of light streaming in. revealing things, people, emotions, virtues, vices. some ugly, some too beautiful. both of which i would've been content to not see. but then life goes on. and u have to see what u have to see (is what i've always believed in). but now i'm wondering if i should turn a blind eye to all? will things just disappear if i refuse to acknowledge them? is escapism good for the soul? maybe... maybe...