Friday, May 20, 2005

warming up in bangalore

people keep asking me 'how do you like bangalore?' and i always reply with a saccharanine smile 'i LIKE bangalore', like i'm trying to make a really emphatic point. which by the way is true. but as a resident in the city for the first time, i see how different the place is compared to home. which, of course, is good ol' oh-it's-so-hot chennai. difference number one, which no one would dare dispute, is that chennai is warmer. and i don't just mean the weather. (and speaking of weather, hey bangaloreans, ever heard of an AC?)
but really, when ur staying at ur sister's place for a coupla weeks, and the only work u have is sleeping (apart from drinking) life in bangalore is extremely enjoyable. when the only ppl u meet are her really nice friends, (who unfortunately treat u like a sister as well) and bartenders, life in bangalore is chilled out. when the food u eat is always cooked by someone else, the food is delicious. when u travel everywhere sitting pillion, bangalore is a cozy and really rosy city. well, i suppose by now u've guessed that things r not quite the same. and of course, there's now one more person to take care of (which actually is the saving grace). there's of course the endless hailing of autos ; 'bemmel?' whoosh!!!! the auto's disappeared at the speed of light. AND there's WORK!! and no, the workplace is nothing like it is in chennai. where everyone's ready to take u in their folds and welcome u with lunches, dinners, drinks and after-drink drinks for at least a month after u've joined, even if it's just curiosity to discover the new animal in the agency. well, maybe, bangalore just takes more time to thaw i suppose. anyway, since the sole virtue i possess is resilience, i'm beginning to warm up to it. so whether u like it or not, bangalore, here i come!!!!!


Blogger Ravages said...

Hey! Good, you are back online.

I generally don't try to impose my own views on people, but this one time, I shall relax my own stringent code of ethics.

Take it from me. Bangalore sucks. And with gleeful abandon. An explanation was attempted, but I got a bit more passionate and emotional thn ais my wont, and a lot less logical. I shall try writing why later.

But besides that, Enjoy bangy as much as possible. And where did you say you work?

11:35 PM  
Blogger kalpana said...

hey good to hear from u. am at lowe out here. going good. and i HAVE to know why u think bangalore sucks. apart form the snoot mentality i think it's quite ok. write...

1:40 AM  
Blogger Samanth said...

Oi, what happened to your promises of SMSing me your new mobile no.? Am in Bangalore on June 19th. Have to call you somehow and get together for drinky-poos, no??

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey...good to see u r back online.
Dont let anyone get you down - blore is a fab place - but after a month, one day you will find yourself ordering breakfast with a chilled glass of draught - then shall you remember chennai and all th nice things about HOME!!!
Have fun in Pub City kiddo - remember - I could have been your Superman!!!!

6:12 AM  
Blogger Dananjay said...

(a colleague who's also recently moved from chennai to bangalore)

i agree with u, that before moving here to work, my impressions of bangalore were based solely on my "wham-bam-thank-you-bang" weekend sojourns. and as u said that tends to bias your views on the city (or shall we say over-grown village, considering how most of the places still don't have underground drainage, and look like they've recently been introduced to indoor plumbing).

But having said that i guess every place has its good and bad sides, and if i've entertained a rosy picture of bangalore in my mind's eye till now, in all fairness that's not bangalore's fault. so i guess i'll just take off my rose-tinted glasses (that's a figure of speech, i'm not gay), and deal with it, like you are. :)

12:40 AM  

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