Monday, August 30, 2004

more power to the letter

wrote a letter last night. was forced to rather. figured out it was raksha bandhan yesterday. was slightly embarassed when my brother beat me in wishing 'Happy Rakhi'. decided that i HAD to send a rakhi even if it reached late. figured out that i couldn't email a rakhi, and hence had to put pen to paper (yeah, it IS rude to send a rakhi without a letter). believe me, it's not as difficult as u think. really, u should try it. ur handwriting may go awry a bit due to lack of practise but it's good, yeah, it's good. thoughts flow as well if not better when u write. and once i got going there was no stopping (until i ran outa paper). unfortunately, i had very little paper at home (the paper-free home is no myth). stole a piece of paper from mom-in-law's prayer notebook after ribbing her about her child-like scrawl. now comes the hard part. envelopes, stamp, posting, blah blah. it's hard as it is to write letters, and then there's this whole load of process involved in actually sending the damn letter. (considering this is coming from a person who used to write at least 2 letters a week a decade ago, it sounds quite pathetic). i guess i have to disillusion myself that life DOES NOT get easier. not with technology, not with a better paying job, not with a bigger, better (!?) company, not with marriage... (ok, now i'm just ranting).
anyways, i'm gonna click the 'post' button now and get this over and done with. and then i need to go and post my letter...

Thursday, August 26, 2004

capitalism down down

shami scares me. he'd scare u too if he thought the exact same thoughts as u did at the exact same time. in any case, just when i was planning to write on why i don't use capital letters in my personal writing, he wants to know why. and that is a question i'm still trying to answer. maybe it's the whole concept of equality no matter whether you stand in the front, in the middle or in the end. never thought of myself as anti bourgeois really, but thinking about it now, it makes sense. or does this sound like an elitist way of expressing my opinion on class equality?

enter meme

why am i blogging? (phew! questions are the easiest way to start communicating). just trying to figure out why a lazy blob like me who couldn't keep a diary for more than 2 days should start blogging. maybe it's the same reason i stopped writing letters and started mailing. just easier to be in front of the monitor (wonder why that's so easy considering it's called a 'monitor') rather than a blank page. is there something about a blank page that is intimidating? or rather a sense of awe, being a writer. a compulsion to not write rubbish. well... these are what i call professional hazards.
ok, that was a (no i'm not using any adjectives here) start.
back to the topic. blogging. it's a boon, though not in disguise to writers and aspiring writers to be seen. call it exhibitionist if u will. but then, we have enough voyeurs amongst us, don't we?