Monday, March 20, 2006

a short life, well lived

this post is written in a state of shock. shock that i had to delete a number from my phone book. and this time it wasn't because that person was no longer my friend, but that this person would never answer my calls again. this person would not answer anybody's calls again. i'm in shock that one amongst us has left. for good. passed away. died if you will. and not just anybody. somebody who was considered brilliant and extremely amiable. a rare combination indeed. someone who belonged to our generation. but acheived more than most people of our generation. i also wonder why this should shock us, when we all know the fatcs of life. and death. that anyone can die at any moment. yet it shocks us. some truths bite you hard how many ever times you encounter them. death is one such. it actually jerks us back to reality with a really sharp and painful tug. away from that cloud where our biggest problems include the rude driver who banged against your car in the morning. or the fact that a great script you've written just didn't get bought. where our greatest joys come from an award that no one, except you, will remember in a year's time. it brings us back to earth, and teaches us something that only death does. to start living. living, like there is no tomorrow. living, knowing that we are loved. living, because we are all gifted. living, so we can use those gifts. like mahesh did.
to use a cliche, it is not important how long you live, but how well you've lived. and how well you're remembered. not just for what you've achieved. but for what you were as a person. because, yes, we all have lost count of the number of awards he has won, but remember fondly his genuine smile. his goofy laughter. and most of all, his words of encouragement and praise. true, it is not possible to act nice to everyone all the time. but if you're nice as a person, it shows through, even in the tiniest of encounters.
and rightfully, this post is for mahesh. for what he has done in, and for, the world of advertising. but more importantly, for the genuinely warm person that he was. and always will be remembered as.
may your soul forever rest in peace.


Anonymous sa re ga ma said...

It really does jolt you back with a sharp tug, does it not? The first time I saw a person I totally admired die, I made up my mind to let the people I care about, know how much they mean to me. Because you never know what will happen the next day... hugs >:O< Take care!

Love you.

1:05 PM  

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