Tuesday, February 27, 2007

hungry kya?

I’ve always been something of a looker (and it’s not just my mirror that says that), and I have a decent enough body (even post pregnancy, yes), but that day it was not about the way I looked.

It was a slightly chilly evening, the kind that makes you wanna grab a hot cuppa or a hot bod or whatever… I’d just had a warm shower and stepped out of the bathroom dressed quite modestly, in a towel. And found my other half (I consciously refrain from using comparatives) staring. At what he usually stared at. His laptop. But not for long. It was only a matter of moments till his attention turned towards me. And a hungry look crept into his eyes. He said I smelt like walnut cake or something. I regretted using the awesome bourbon body wash (the only kinda bourbon I can have these days) my sister-in-law had got for me from her home town. To think that I had saved it for so long for exactly this effect and then not be happy about it! Strange are the ways of the mind. Mine, I mean.

So while he looked on hungrily and pleaded with me with his eyes and words, I dressed self-consciously only too aware that he did not take his eyes, or nose, off me. I tried pleading that I was tired and not in the mood. (I couldn’t plead a headache as that’s normally his excuse. Even when you’re lying you can’t plagiarize. That’s beyond the rules.) He said it’s been a long time. Which it was, considering I’ve just had a baby and have not had much time or energy for him. And he used other such arguments (the kind he’s really good at) to convince me on what he wanted me to do. So after a lot of persuasion, I finally succumbed. And grudgingly fetched the car keys to go hunt for some walnut cake.


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Hahahaha...(un)expected ending

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