Wednesday, December 26, 2007

here's to shamboy!

this post is a long due tribute to the person who initiated my blogging career (one that never really took off, i must add). i'm going to start by vowing to seriously start blogging regularly. and i don't mean with the regularity with which we meet up. i know you probably keep dropping in to my page to see if i have updated my blog, and more importantly my thoughts. let me assure you, my thoughts are always in motion(backward motion sometimes, but still in motion). it may even be possible that you have stopped looking into my page giving up on me. so i'm gonna make sure i email you this post and con you into more page visits for the next few years.

a tribute is probably not a good time to tell you this, but i must also confess that i don't drop into your page as often as i used to. (i miss shampoo factor though). another repercussion of my rather busied domestic life but more due to my lazy writing life. i also don’t write much at work if that makes you feel any better.

this is probably a good time to talk about how life has changed since the time i started blogging. i got married, then moved like 4 jobs, moved to another city, had a baby. you found a girlfriend, broke up, got your sis married off like a good mallu boy, found another girlfriend (about whom of course i had no clue for a long time), got married, moved to another city (thankfully mine, though i don’t know how that’s affected both our lives), moved jobs, became a globe trotter. and of course, in all this time, i have posted maybe 10 times? i know it’s nothing to be proud of. but then i just finished listing all the things i am proud of.

so here’s to you, shami, and a friendship that has lasted 7 long years, thanks to the internet. there’s little chance that that will change. though my blogging pattern certainly will. and that’s a promise.


Blogger Shami said...

Alright! Thats what you call a good well written post. It always helps if you have such a great subject! Heh.

Don't worry, i checked on your blog daily even in the dark days! And i will keep at it. :)

Here's to them 7 years and many more.

9:55 PM  

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